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High Growth Strategy and Intensive (2 Days)

Increase your impact, free up time and increase your revenue. 


This workshop intensive will help you to design and implement a high growth strategy for your digital business. Whether you have created a software business, e-commerce or launching an Application, this workshop will help you get maximum reach and impact with your solution.

You will identify the core focus areas that drive your business success, create an irresistible offer that speaks to your customers and amplify your message to the world. 

As part of your strategy creation, you will walk away with:

  • A clearly identified customer segment(s) to focus on.

  • An articulated value proposition for each identified decision maker. 

  • Understand your customer’s lifecycle & implement a user-centric sales funnel. 

  • Clear tactics geared towards finding, qualifying and closing target customers. 

  • A clear structure and roadmap for day to day execution. 
    Support and knowledge in designing and implementing a growth strategy. 

  • A new network of non-competing founders.

What the day will cover:

Customer Segmentation and Prioritisation 
Not all customers are created equal; some are worth more; some are easier to obtain. We’ll take you through our Customer Segment Mapping process to help you choose the best target customer segments based on industry, sector, behaviour, demo & psychographics. 

Persona Development And Value Proposition Design 
After identifying your top customer segment(s), we will focus on developing a persona for each key decision maker in the purchasing and use stage of your product and design a unique value proposition for each. 

Sales Funnel Mapping 
Now that we understand your customers and the value you deliver, we will design the On-boarding Process using a key metrics model from existing data and analytics. 

Product Awareness and Conversion Strategies 
Once the sales funnel has been completed, we will define the tactics to create awareness for your product then convert them into customers as well as focus on retention. 

Customised High Growth Strategy Document and Plan
Completing the full two days you will not only gain the tools and knowledge to design and implement a high growth strategy for digital businesses and products but you will have an execution plan to help you push your business forward.


Following the training day you will have the option to join ongoing coaching and accountability to help you stay focused on achieving your goals. This will entail regular check-ins, brainstorming sessions and access to the Selfstarters network. 

To maximise the benefits of this programme it is recommended to have key team members of the founding team, as well as sales and marketing, attend.