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Scale Your Business - An Interview with Richard Conway

In my interview with Richard I asked him about how he would instil culture and when to step away from your business to put in place systems. Here are some quick notes from the interview. 

- Find people that are better at the day to day than you. Create systems and processes that give you scale and give your people the opportunity to show their skills

- Culture evolves. The People who are great today might not be the ones in your company later down the track. You as the leader of your organisation need to nurture and instil the culture. 

- Create values that truly resonate with you and it will become part of your culture 

- Focus on the People who are doing great and make them even better. Don’t neglect your A-players

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How to Set Objectives for your Business Success

Before you go into specific tactics, the most important part is identifying what you and your team are setting out to accomplish.

Understanding what you intent to achieve will enable you to move into a direction and measure your results against some benchmarks that’ll tell you whether you are on track to achieve your goal or shooting off piste.

So where do you start?

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How to Identify Your Most Valuable Customers

One of the most important parts of any growth strategy, let alone marketing or sales is understanding who you target. Research shows that just by changing your target audience, you could increase your conversion by as much as 700%.

So when I work with clients and they tell me that everyone is in their target group, it’s like bringing a shotgun to a sniper standoff.

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How to Create an Amazing Value Proposition - pt 2

Imagine the last time you stayed at a reputable hotel. The minute you arrived, someone welcomed you and took your bags while directing you to the reception area.

As you walk into the building, someone greets you with a non-alcoholic refreshment to help cool you down from the scorching heat outside. When you arrive at the reception, the check-in process is quick and friendly.

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How to Create an Amazing Value Proposition - pt 1

A kick-arse value proposition is what makes you stand out from competitors and helps your future customers have a fantastic experience with you from the start.

It is not about the one-liner on your website here, I mean the complete experience your customers get from beginning to end. How they find your product, convert and experience your business is all a part of your value proposition

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How to Measure Your Company's Success

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it and therefore not grow it. 

You probably have some ambitious growth goals you want to hit this year, and that is great.

Problem is trying to influence that significant bottom line number at the end of the year especially if it is still so far away. Today I want to show you how you can influence your end of year results by just focusing on some key metrics throughout the year. 

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Narrow down your target market. 4 Ways to Help You Segment Your Target Market

Narrowing your market down into manageable groups rather than trying to be everything to everyone, will help you find greater success in reaching your audience. You need to have a target market identified and clearly defined.

So the question I often get is HOW do you segment a market. There are many different ways but here I will share four of the ways I use to segment.

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Pirate metrics

So let me show you how you can measure your sales process against your customer life cycle and atop of that is pirate metrics, short for AARRR. 

Pirate metrics was created by Dave McClure, very prominent investor, entrepreneur, and accelerator owner in the US. It looks at five key areas of measurement. Altogether we have now got acquisition, activation, we have retention, revenue, and referral. 

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