Where to find your first customer interviews

recruit target.png

Recruiting customers is an important step that you need to go through to make sure you can reach your target audience. If you previously worked for a large corporate, it may be very easy to find your initial target segments. You've probably already got an existing database and you can very quickly reach out to them.

However, when start off from scratch, it's not as easy and you don't have that luxury. Good news is that there are a few different processes and a few different steps you can go through to reach your target audience.

recruit target.png

A great and quick way to find a target audience is through social media; whether you're business to business focused, that is targeting other businesses and people within those businesses, or more social and consumer based.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, are all great tools for you to target your audience. An effective way that I find works really well is targeting existing communities within these platforms.

They already have a large community behind them and by asking simple questions, I can very quickly identify people who have existing problems and might be open for further interviewing.

There are tools like Facebook polls that you can post in groups to gain feedback from your target audience quickly.

Another great way to reach your target audience is through the leverage of one's existing network. People often join incubators and accelerators in order to access their wider community of experts, advisors, and the wider network itself.

It gives a very quick way to people for interviews and to gain insights about their specific pains, needs, or problems. Once you have developed your persona, it's very easy to go through and actually see whether that persona is existing in your current network. If not, you can start reaching out to find your persona.

Have a think about Facebook groups you can reach out to. Perhaps you have got your own personal network you can reach out to. There are also meet up groups where people meet on a regular basis. On LinkedIn, you have forums and blogs. Try reaching out to existing networks to help speed things up, but make sure that you reach out to enough people to get at least ten people of your persona that you can interview.

Facebook is great for small businesses & people. Linkedin is a great resource for business to business services. You can even target specific job titles within your organisation.