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Key Resources and Activities

Key Resources is really the part that explains how you will create your value proposition. Have a think about what types of products, services, assets you may need to create your value proposition. This often includes intellectual property; this may include talent, and also may include infrastructure. Perhaps you have a website that is unique, perhaps you have offices or property that is very unique.

Key Activities are the activities that you do on a daily basis and what you need to understand is your arrow, your strengths and weaknesses to which you can play on. These may include sales and marketing, research and development, manufacturing or distribution. Perhaps even you are an app development company, or software company and you really, your core focus will be to program and develop.

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It’s important to figure out which is your best channel; this is how you deliver your value proposition to your customers. This might be through two ways: 

in a directly way, and this could allow you for higher margins, or indirectly way, through partner networks, through website, or maybe through an app, and this generally decrease your chances of margins.

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A tool for mapping out your business model, easily

Business model has a Product-facing side which focuses on your resources, activities, partners, and costs, and that is really what is going on behind closed doors. This is what customers do not see. On your other side, you have the Market-facing side. This really focuses on who your customers are, what you deliver to them, how you deliver it to them, and how you maintain your relationship. And, at the bottom of it, how you create revenue from your customers. 

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