Start by creating a persona

start with a persona

Starting the process 

Initially, you need to create a customer persona. This really gives you a thorough understanding around the demographics of your customers, some behaviour, and some facts around them.

Once you understand the persona of your customers, you should write down a few key assumptions and pain points that you think they have.

Second, you can use that information and create a structure around the conversation you want to hold with him.

Thirdly, you can recruit your initial audience. This where you go out and search for people that you can interview.

Lastly, you conduct interviews and gather invaluable insight.

To create an initial persona you need to first understand a little bit more of what you're trying to achieve. A persona is often referred to as an archetype. Archetypes/personas are a generalisation about the target audience that you seek out. It helps give you a picture around who you're targeting, their behaviour, some facts and the pains and frustrations that they may experience. It makes it easier for you as a team to share more about your customers, and visualise the same person.

Not everything will necessarily hold true, however it is up to you to set out and actually validate these.

Here a basic template that I generally tend to use.


It very quickly allows us to draw a picture of our target audience. This may be male or female, and allows us to write down some key characteristics around them. I usually start off with demographics. This allows us to look more at age, sex, marital status, and some other key characteristics.

Once I’ve done the demographics and the character, I then look at behaviours. This is the understanding of why they do certain things. Now, I try to keep it relevant to the problem at hand that I'm looking to solve.

Lastly, I then look at frustrations, needs, pains, and perhaps goals they're looking to accomplish. This allows me to better target my messaging towards our customers and towards what they're looking to achieve.


Creating a Persona is useful to get the ideal customer. The perfect person to sell your product/service to. This process will give you a clearer and deeper knowledge about your customers, what they are looking for, their needs and in which way you could help them.