Get More Leads For Your Business


In my Selfstarters Program, I often get asked about how companies go about finding more leads.

A lot of people complicate this process but in essence it boils to three key strategies.

Free, paid and partnership marketing.

Free is a great as the only cost is to create the material. This could come in the form of video like the above, emails/ blogs, events or other type of lead magnets. The downside is the time it can take to gain some traction on your content.

Paid is when you pay per click. This could be your go to social ads via Linkedin, facebook or paid placements through Google. If you have some money to advertise and you have your messaging working then this is a great way to gain returns on your effort fast.

Partnership marketing helps you to build authority and gets you to reach new people. Working with companies in adjacent markets is a great way to collaborate on content with or help each other grow, provided it adds value to each others audience.

If you want some help with your lead generation, we can discuss your individual situation in my growth audit.