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Quit coming up with plans and how to protect yourself.

Cool, you have an idea, and now you are wondering what next?!

The answer, execution.

Too many ideas never take off because everybody only ever talks about them. If you have something you are serious about, the next logical step is execution over planning.

This means that gathering feedback from customers, talking to investors, speaking with partners will all be a part of the execution.

Too many people will continue to think about their idea and either never do anything about it or fall into ‘analysis paralysis’ where they will chase their own tail for a long time to come.

Ideas are a dime a dozen, it is execution who decides the winner.

Less talking and more doing, I can’t remember who said it but here is why:

“Average ideas with great execution will perform better than great ideas with bad execution.”

You want to be clear on the vision for your venture and create a roadmap that aligns and gives you clear and easy ways to execute your strategy.

Everybody has ideas, but it is the entrepreneurs that execute who will create something. 
Get going, get out of the office. 
Start to book in those meetings, speaking events and start to build your business. 
If you do not engage with people, your idea will just be an idea.